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Aug 15th

( Jenn )

I'm really miserable right now. I know things will get better but gah. There was a rat in the hallway of our hostel tonight and another cockroach in our room. I wanted to move to another hotel at any cost but /everything/ is booked up. We must have called 30 hotels. *cries*

It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't still sick - in fact, I'd probably continue to find it semi-funny, including the night manager's explanation that the rat "just" came from the sewer drain down the hall (thankfully not on our floor) - but I am, and it's just wrecking me.


It's been one big yuck with some very minor moments of nice. Thank god we're moving on on Friday.

I knew there would be things and places I'd hate on the trip, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon :(

The one good thing this place has done is to set the bar for Rob and I in terms of what we're willing to deal with and what we need in a place. We'll be seeing some pretty rough cities (well, starting with Melaka, but it was much closer in flavour to Singapore) and where you stay is almost a refuge at night, especially when you have young kids and need to return to your hostel/hotel earlier than average. Sometimes cheap is just too cheap, particularly when it comes at the expense of peace of mind.

p.s. The night manager did make up the room beside ours for us and move us there. He said this one has never had a problem. Uh huh. Well, either way, it doesn't have a cockroach in it /now/ and that's good enough for tonight.

p.p.s. The guys running this place are great. So helpful. Wonderful, wonderful guys. But the place is a pit and KL (in my estimation) is not much better. Maybe if you're staying in one of the 5-star hotels and spending most of your time being bused around the city, it's different but I wouldn't know and the majority of our experiences here have been less than stellar. Maybe when I'm feeling better, I'll try and write something more positive about what we have enjoyed.

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Hey babe! First off, you're allowed to feel like that - you're sick. But it /is/ a very small part of your trip and when you're feeling better it will look different. In the meantime take care of you sweetpea, sending hugs to y'all!

by LottieL

Hang in there Jenn! It'll soon be Friday. When you're sick, it's hard to find the humour in something like this but down the road, it'll make a great story and you'll laugh about it. For now, just focus on the next place in your journey and how much fun you'll have there. Hugs to everyone.

by Mom-Momma

I'm so sorry you're feeling yuck and have had bad experiences at the same time... hopefully this is getting the bad part out of the way early. *hugs*

by cherryw

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