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Every time I cross one thing off the to-do list, another two or three seem to take its place. Of course, one solution would be not to cross anything off but I suspect that wouldn't work :P

The things I most want to get done are things we can't do, where there's no movement and nothing to do about it until certain other things fall into place. The remaining car can't be sold until Rob finishes work and Anica finishes summer camp and the visas (China and India) cannot be applied for until July because the Chinese one is only good for three months and India is only good for six. Most of our other visas we'll get on the road but we're less confident about applying for China away from home and we have a tour (and much more time) riding on India.

On the plus side, I've managed to cut my hair very short and I'm thrilled with it. It makes me wonder why I kept my hair long for so long. I look younger, I feel better, it takes so little to make it look great. I don't think I'll ever grow it long again.

I've also managed (a while ago) to switch my wedding & engagement rings for a plain white gold band and I've been wearing it, my watch (which is waterproof), earrings (simple hoops I can sleep in) and my St. Christopher's medal all the time including to bed and when showering/swimming. I want to get into the habit of never taking them off because I'm certain if I do, I'll end up losing something, and while we're not taking anything (possession-wise) that we can't handle losing, I don't want to lose anything out of simple forgetfulness.

Lastly, I've opened up the futon in the solarium and put everything (well, except clothes) out on it. It's mind-boggling to realize that it's all going and both how much and how little it is. A year. Wow. I know we can and will get things on the road but what's there is what we're taking for a year. Will definitely post a picture (and our packing list!) before we go.

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Hi Jen,
What a fab 'jewellery' comment! I was just thinking the other day whether I would take my engagement ring or not! This must be a true 'grown up gap' conunndrum!! Like face cream and hair dye, things I never considered in my 20's!
Looks like it's going ok,
Rachel xx


Thanks, Rachel!

I'm amazed at all the things you have to consider when 1) you're older and 2) you're taking children along. And we really are a walking pharmacy what with all the antibiotics, antimalarials, puffers (Rob has asthma), epi-pens (I have anaphylactic allergies), etc. I thought I was doing well packing-list wise until I filled all the prescriptions! :P
When do you guys leave again? We're in Delhi at the very end of October for a couple days. I think you mention leaving India around that time.

  • hugs*


by jennrob

Hi Jenn,
We leave the UK in September and fly out of Delhi on Halloween night, and will be there a couple of days before that I guess, coming up from Udaipur, so maybe we'll get to catch up!
Keep in touch, hope the rest of the month goes quickly and easily!
Rachel xx


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