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As seen in Karauli, Rajastan, on our walk to the City Palace


October 27

"City Palace and Hindu Girls"

Today we saw the city palace, very preatty, and many stairs, very preatty. Then we walked back and had a very yummy tomato soup and pakora and French freis yum! Then we rested for a bit. Mommy, Poppa, Daddy and I think Manu slept to. but I read a comic and Harry Potter and two mystry novels. And today was the first time I did a camel cart ride! Very fun, we went to a lake and I played with Hindu girls and I ripped my pants :( Then we had dinner and went to bed.

October 28

Today we went on the most boring drive to Agra. On the way to Agra we stopped at a Natinal park very pretty. We saw many birds, Jackels, mother and baby deer, wild boar and piglet. After had pakora and French freis, very salty. yum. then saw a city very preaty and very old, many carvings [Fatehpur Sikri]. Finally we got to Agra and got stuck in a big traffic jam, a bus messed up our windshield things, got checked in and had dinner. Good night.

October 29

Today went to the Taj Mhal, not busy, very pretty and very neat. We went with a local Tour Guide but we diden't use him to much. after 2 hours we went back to hotel and had Breakfast. Read for a bit and went swimming, big water slide. Then had lunch-dinner, got on train and we got to Delhi and went to bed. good night.

October 30

Today we ended our tour and gave Manu our cards and said goodbye. Walked to Florence Inn. Got checked in, and rode Metro to Connaught Place and went to bookstore and had lunch at Thank God It's Fridays, went to bazer, got movies for Goa and had dinner with Chris, Rachel, Fin, Sadie. Good night.

October 31

We went to a mall and we went birthday shopping. We got me a Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Gameboy and an Art Teacher Barbie set and 2 other (secret) presents. We had lunch at McDonalds and we saw a pretty Lotus Temple. We went to Connaught Place and looked around. We had dinner. Good night.

Nov 1

Today we said good bye Poppa and gave him a hug. Then we took the metro to India Gate and saw the Delhi Museum, very nice. Took Metro down to Connaught Place and had lunch at TGIFridays (yum). Looked in a bookstore and got money from an ATM, went back to hotel and had dinner. Good night.

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Dear Anica,
Your journal is so interesting! You are seeing so many different things each day, but we're surprised that McDonalds is there too. What did you eat at TGIF's ? I bet that camel cart ride was fun. Keep writing because we really enjoy it.
Love & Hugs,
N&G xxx

by hdbutters

Anica, what a great journal! I've really enjoyed reading your viewpoint on India and everything you've been doing. It sounds like you had fun birthday shopping! I wonder what those secret presents were...

You've become a wonderful traveller and I'm sure Mommy and Daddy have told you how nice it is to travel with you. Can't wait for your next update!

by Mom-Momma

DearAnica, I enjoy reading what you have been doing in India. Sounds like you are having the trip of a life time. When I was in Delhi a peddler stuck a wooden snake in my face. Iran screaming into the nearest shop, I am terified of snakes. I was very impressedthat he came in and apologized. When I went to Agra, we stopped for lunch. There was a snake charmer, complete with a mongoose. Another travelertook a photo for me. Saveral years later I was able to look at the photo with out a knee jerk reaction! Please no surprise snake souveniors in the mail! We are off to teh city council meeting where Julia & Jaclyn will say the Pledge of Allegiance. May be they should sing Oh Canada too! Take care! Mum 2

by Mum 2

Dear Anica, I can't wait until we get to see you again. Today we had school. My sister and I are wondering, why do you put good night at the end of the paragraphs? This Thursday is Thanksgiving here, so Happy Thanksgivng. I'm glad we met and we saw you! Right now we're sitting down eatting dinner and watching The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. I forgot when your b-day is so when is it? Where are you going next? From julia

by Mum 2

Dear Sherry - wow! when that snake charmer put a snake in your face, it must have been scary. We've seen many snake charmers with real cobras, but haven't been scared. One had about five.
J & J - I put good night because it would be weird to end the day any other way! My birthday was on Nov 8.
Momma - the secret presents were a camera, a magician's set, and a Barbie makeup set. I'm glad you like my journal.
N & G - at TGIF's I ate lamb-burger, and 2nd time it was chicken strips. Kids ran alongside our camel cart and then played with me at the park.

Bye everyone - Love Anica

by jennrob

Dear Anica,
I miss you..So have you seen anything good in India.I wish I could see you some time,so when are you going back to your home?all the stuf we did together in Vietnam was aswome and fun!!
from jaclyn
P.S please send back!

by Mum 2

Dear Jaclyn: We loved seeing the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort in Agra, the malls in Bangalore, the bazaar in Delhi, the beaches and pools in Goa, the havelis in Mandawa,our camel and camel cart rides. I'm not going back home until July 2008. Maybe you can come to Ireland in June! -Anica

by jennrob

Dear Anica, Jaclyn and I can't go to Ireland, but we can still keep in touch.The day after Thanksgiving we got a NEW PUPPY!!!!!! Happy Late Brithday. We got a new comperuter when we came bake from Vetnam now that I think of it. The puppy is named Mi-Mi,it means little sister in Chineese. She is a little blake dog that is very soft. She is a girl and is very active. Right now I just came in from a walk in the back yard so Mi-Mi could go potty. Mi-Mi loves chewing on things and shealways is so cute looking If you gave us your e-mail adress so we can send you a picture of her. she has a little sweter and scarf.I love her so much! I can't wait to see you again!Please right back to tell us what toy have been and what you and your family up to.See you guys later!!!!!!!_julia

by Mum 2

Anica, I for got to tell you we got your post card when we came home today. _julia

by Mum 2

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